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Journals about Headaches

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by jennir54, Oct 02, 2015
pain still hurts in jaw. For the past 3 days I have bad headaches on the left side of my he...
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by Curly03, Aug 17, 2015 - 8 Comments
Im not sure where to write this but I just need to vent. This is hard for me to sit here an...
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by Joeshi, Apr 09, 2015
Hello, I'm 16 and I'm in this situation where I do not know what illness I have. It...
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by neversurrender, Mar 08, 2015
I've had extreme pain for over a decade, and was a long aggravating journey to find rel...
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by 4georgyo, Jan 13, 2015
I have been sick the past few days and it affects everything. I have been depressed, some b...
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by donjoe341, Oct 10, 2014 - 3 Comments
I am 48 at 165lbs. (lost 20) 5 '4'' I have had a long journey battling illnes...
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by Blondieeee, Mar 20, 2014
I had injections yesterday to relieve ear pain and occipital pain caused from c2/c3 deterio...
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by Caity10, Oct 07, 2013
So, I don't really know what to do here. I just am kind of tired with feeling like crap...
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by Roxycat36, Sep 15, 2013
I've been having tea herbal kind lately so I dunno how this is gonna help??? I love my...
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by mandy876, Aug 19, 2013 - 5 Comments
things are getting tome more than normal. i can not take it when people abuse their parent...