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Journals about veins

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by spoilher101, Nov 01, 2013
To exhausted, & sick. Need honest health care, with cocktail mri. Willing to travel to ...
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by ohboy224, Jan 31, 2013
What are engorged veins are they the same as varicose veins I've been told I have engor...
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by GroveCanada, Nov 29, 2012
been taking this Vein-Guard thing from NaturalCare in Oregon every once in a while...Contai...
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by cmiller21, Jan 12, 2011
my veins keep showing dark in my boobs like up by the nipple part and a little back on my b...
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Im entering cocaine consumption on my chart by the amy of $ spent---- Clonazepam is 1mg (on...
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by Krisiness, Sep 14, 2009
Twas nearly dandy. Went to CA in the morning, missed eating chicken, though I was fasting a...
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by Krisiness, Sep 01, 2009
At the hospital, getting blood taken. It was cool. The lady recognized me- isn't that h...