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by Michael Gonzalez-WallaceBlank, Oct 18, 2012
Medhelp Forum. 3 interesting questions at my Brain Body Fitness Forum at Medhelp. Check m...
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by wedding16, Oct 05, 2012
As a bride to be, you want to look your best on your wedding. Of course, everyone will be s...
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by katlizca, Aug 15, 2012
I would highly recommend trying a low-carb/paleo type diet for life. It has helped me to ha...
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by Michael Gonzalez-WallaceBlank, Jan 13, 2012
New Year New Health or a better health since I know that many of you are really healthy! ...
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by zaftig1, Jun 19, 2011
lose weight by walking more -which Freddy will love- and upping my intake of fruits and veg...
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by cherrydr88, Feb 25, 2011
Today I had no time to eat anything for lunch. I know this is probably not the way to lose ...
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by Roger Gould, M.D.Blank, Feb 01, 2011 - 4 Comments
There was a statement that caught my attention in a recent article from the Washington Post...
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by Roger Gould, M.D.Blank, Jan 16, 2011 - 2 Comments
We all make New Year's resolutions, and often these resolutions involve weight loss. Ho...
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by gloriousgigi, Jan 12, 2011
So today we had a wonderful workout. It's getting so much easier. We're much more c...
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by LauraTort, Aug 24, 2010
Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! My doctor went on sublingual HCG and lost over 40 lbs. in one...