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by SirenMonster, Jul 19, 2011 - 1 Comment
Well, Aleve is obviously a great help, to the malevolence that act-up, inside of my limbs a...

by Beckles73, Apr 09, 2011 - 2 Comments
15 years ago I sat down in your tempting seat, I did not think there would be any need for ...

by bethwillprevail, Sep 17, 2010
I have almost reached my 30 day goal! I honestly at the beginning of the WD could not imag...

by bethwillprevail, Sep 05, 2010
Today i am feeling good. How amazing it is that yesterday I felt so awful, anxious, foggy,...

by bethwillprevail, Sep 04, 2010 - 1 Comment
I am on day 16 off the trams. Not such a good day. Anxiety, mental fogginess, fatigue tod...

by JG525, Nov 01, 2009
I can feel myself getting closer to stopping the tramadol. I took one 100mg ER today. It&...

by IamJeff, Oct 05, 2009
I am very dizzy and naseau has set in. I had been experiencing digestive problems for the l...

by EmilyPost, Jun 25, 2009 - 209 Comments
Hi! Welcome to Part 11! There's a huge number of posts on Tramadol recovery here...

by tramateacher, Oct 23, 2008 - 5 Comments
Yesterday I tried tapering my Tramadol down to 75mg from 100. It didn't work. I was ex...

by tramateacher, Oct 22, 2008
I found a post in a forum from a pharmacist who recommended a tapering plan that I'm g...