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Lets hope tomorrow is a better day for me. Goonite to all!!
ganite all!! sweet dreams.
How can I control my nite terrors?
Well I am going to get off of here for awhile, I have been cleaning all day and I am tared,...
Thank you everyone for your helpful posts. Ya'll made my day. But especially you Miss Fla...
Hope everyone sleeps.especially everyone still in w/d's.It will get better.Now i will go h...
Gotta get ready for sponge bob.I think i will pass on blues clues.I cant stand that weirdo....
Nite everyone.Come sweet slumber.shroud me in your purple cloak![max headroom]zzzzzzzzzzzzz...
I can't keep my eyes open so I'm hittin' the sack! I found myself passing over threads fro...
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by gina20, Mar 31, 2012
Couldnt sleep cough all nite and had chest pains
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by Don5724, Nov 27, 2010
????why every hour on the hour up. Sleep fragments many 10AM up tired not refreshed a...
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by Don5724, Nov 25, 2010