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Journals about Abilify


by twinner2, Jun 26, 2013 - 4 Comments
I have been off my Abilify for 2 days now and I feel really sleepy and loopy. I'm slo...

by crinklenose, Jul 15, 2011
With the supervision of a dr, I stopped the Abilify on this day.

by crinklenose, Jul 14, 2011
Lowered the Abilify to .5 mg because of the weight gain. I started it and gained 10 lbs. in...

by holyschhnitzel, May 03, 2011
Restarted Depakote at 250mg at night. Restarted Abilify at 5mg after one week off, feeling...

by HoneyNut, Jun 09, 2010 - 1 Comment
Apparently I self-sabotage any progress I feel I am making -- at least that is what my ther...

by jmjh8667, Jun 06, 2010
only took 1/2 a pill last night. Had a really hard time waking up and getting up. But muc...

by HoneyNut, Mar 13, 2010
So today is day two, of me taking 1 mg of Abilify. I can already tell, just like day one t...

by HoneyNut, Mar 11, 2010 - 2 Comments
It's been about a week, since I wrote. Last Friday I was finally weaned off the Abili...

by HoneyNut, Mar 04, 2010
I have to leave for work soon, since it takes about an hour to get there... bah! Will upda...

by HoneyNut, Mar 03, 2010
I don't want to write a journal entry right now. I'm not in the mood, and feel as...