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What is v-r nasal allergy symptom cont?

A7709010Nasalcrom 5.2 mg/Actuation (4 %) Spray
Other Brand Names: Nasalcrom
Uses: This medication is used to prevent allergic symptoms in the nose. It reduces stuffy/runny nose, mucus dripping into the back of the throat, itching, and sneezing caused by seasonal allergies (hay fever) and other allergens (e.g., dust mites, pet dander). This medication is not an antihistamine and does not provide immediate relief from allergic symptoms. It should be used before contact with the allergen. Cromolyn is known as a mast cell stabilizer. It works by preventing the release of certain natural substances (histamine, SRS-A) made by the body that cause allergy symptoms. Do not use this medication to treat sinus infection, asthma, or cold symptoms.
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