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by crb1487, Jan 02, 2016 - 1 Comment
Another day... Another dollar. Nothing new. Pretty foggyish & hard to focus (yet, c...
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by tigeras, Jan 04, 2015
I've never been a breakfast person! I'd just drink 10 cups of coffee, & that...
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by ashleydeming, Dec 17, 2014
Hello there, I am a 27 yr old female with 3 children. I recently had almost a full hysterec...
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by travel_melb, Feb 08, 2014 - 1 Comment
While feeling guilt and reading many thing over the net I found some good info by change, t...
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by Tswana, Feb 06, 2014 - 2 Comments
I am glad i have a place to share with all of your on each of our journeys. And to be able ...
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by MagiaMoonlight, Jan 08, 2014
I am starting this food diary in order to help me become more aware of what I am putting in...
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by Roxycat36, Nov 20, 2013
My moods?? humm they're soso lately but go up and down quick!! I have bouts of crying b...
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by crzyallday, Aug 30, 2013
Well, just went onto the website for Tecfidera, the MS therapy my neuro wants me to go on. ...
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by XxLILloveXx, Jul 19, 2013
Some people dream or think about a date before they even go on it . They plan the perfect w...
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by XxLILloveXx, Jul 19, 2013
When im writing its like im in a whole different world my body relaxes and my fingers just ...