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by KJ881, Dec 11, 2012
Today was our Ultrascreen. It's the First Trimester ultrasound (u/s) and blood work sc...
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by Elaine Brown, MDBlank, Feb 04, 2012 - 54 Comments
Historically antenatal screening was offered primarily to women older than 35. These moth...
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by eule, Dec 26, 2011
Today is the last day of week 6. Other than feeling tired I am doing pretty good. No nausea...
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by RobinB9, Oct 03, 2011 - 2 Comments
soooo nauseous allll the timeeeeee. not actually barfing yet though, which is prefer...
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by kayharris601, Feb 06, 2011
Is it normal to be losing so much weight in the first trimester. I try to eat but it makes ...
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by MommaBree, Dec 19, 2010
I will be so glad when I get through this first trimester. Not feeling like my self at all,...
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by lil_lady25, Jun 17, 2010 - 15 Comments
So this afternoon I went in for my second u/s and was told I would see the babies heartbeat...
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by fmin, Mar 09, 2009
Friends, Location: UK As part of pregnancy first trimester medication, I was prescribed ...
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by Tgritton, Jan 12, 2009 - 1 Comment
I'm going to write a journal entry about what is going on with me because I'm confu...