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Journals about risk

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by Beanie0, Jan 20, 2015
I don't like the idea of thinking with out a safety net, I will fall dangerously, as ...
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by Julia M Aharonov, DOBlank, Oct 21, 2013 - 8 Comments
There is nothing better, nothing more satisfying for a physician than to see a patient succ...
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by dough916, Jan 27, 2013
Just don't get it... Its not OK to push crack coke n Meth on da street but its fine n ...
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by StealthVirusCCID, Oct 20, 2012
I find it frustrating that some of the Dr. I have visited refuse to even order any tests, i...
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by J. Kyle Mathews, MD, DVMBlank, May 10, 2011 - 12 Comments
Hysterectomy for benign, non cancerous, indications is one of the commonest surgical proced...
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by benjim, Dec 27, 2010
been okay today. last night was terrible, with the dissociation and paranoia. woke up to ni...
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by Malena6913, Jun 17, 2010
he midwife I wanted sas I risk ou of homebirth. there are no local midwifes who do hospita...
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by md135, Aug 04, 2009
Well, today i had my first panic attack in a very very long time! My GF mother was stressin...
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by Lizz90, Jun 17, 2009
Im gross, I forgot to take a spare tampon out with me yesterday so I ended up wearing the s...