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Journals about GAD


by stupiddogz, Mar 22, 2010
i think i got my meds straightened out, because im feeling much better at 175 mg lamictal, ...

by stupiddogz, Mar 21, 2010
today was my sisters suprise 50th party, thought id be all weird feeling, but i realized on...

by stupiddogz, Mar 20, 2010
so, thurs night i started to feel pretty bad...i ran out of xanax early, but just a few day...

by stupiddogz, Mar 19, 2010
ran out of xanax a few days ago, because i gave a few to a friend in need & used extra ...

by stupiddogz, Mar 18, 2010
got up around noon, when my son did...hes a late sleeper too, was up for maybe an hour and ...

by stupiddogz, Mar 17, 2010
so, i slept from 2 am till like 10 30am, then got up and made my son some food, and wend an...

by sandra151167, Aug 20, 2009 - 1 Comment
its 5.55am I woke up really scared and shaky this morning im really tired but to scared to ...

by sandra151167, Aug 19, 2009
So I awoke @ 6.30am feeling startled and sick ,heaved up a few time the usual morning happ...

by sandra151167, Aug 18, 2009
Its now 630am been waking up all through the night fighhting for breath, there is no way i...

by sandra151167, Aug 17, 2009
It all started a couple of months ago when i went 4 a routin blood tests.when the results c...