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Journals about MONEY


by Miki72, Jan 13, 2010
I'm getting caught up at work. Payday is tomorrow. I hope to put money in to replace t...

by chabat, Jan 11, 2010
12:24pm, Mondays always seem to be bad for me. I felt rather bad this morning, my ADD meds ...

by chabat, Jan 10, 2010
Spent day looking for and gathering plumbing tools to fix broken pipes at 122 Taft Rental. ...

by Krisiness, Dec 25, 2009
And I don't care if you don't like it. How's that? Recap of presents: mov...

by Krisiness, Dec 19, 2009
It's the twentieth. Christmas is so close, and I realize when I thought that I was not...

by BradyAm, Nov 28, 2009
so we had a meeting at work this morning and our manager got us donuts.. well after everone...

by Krisiness, Nov 20, 2009
Be on time. I panic, being me, and want to get a ticket. Steve more or less calls me an idi...

by Krisiness, Nov 03, 2009
Go out in your house, wondering how I could get so deep, and you could still get sleep. In ...

by Doomy, Sep 29, 2009
Seem to have plateaued a bit... luckily my goal is reasonable so I should be able to catch ...

by msdeangelis, Sep 18, 2009
Elizabeth was very rude this morning. She was angry and insulting me from the minute she wo...
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