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Journals about MONEY

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by blunik, Jul 17, 2010
so we have no money, we have a difficult moody kid. oh well. No wonder I'm SUPER irrita...
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by Krisiness, Jul 10, 2010
I woke up and played sims while steve worked. And after. And then brought Jon to McD's/...
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by Krisiness, Jul 09, 2010
I woke up and my brother had not gotten up. He rushed and I didn't. I got 30 bucks and ...
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by Krisiness, Jun 22, 2010
But who the hell knows anymore? I took care of Pippin's cage and played sims for a long...
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by Krisiness, May 10, 2010
Since it's late and I'm dumb. I also can't explain to you what happened to last...
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by stumpy666davies, Apr 07, 2010
Just thinking about my health makes me tired, it's 03:50 AM & I still haven't s...
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by Krisiness, Apr 05, 2010
Psh. Went to school and was tired and everyone seemed cranky and man I was just so tired an...
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by Krisiness, Mar 03, 2010
But I'm using it to mean "menstrual". So there. As in on my period for the f...
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by BradyAm, Feb 11, 2010
had a lot of fun. took a while to get going because everyone was late except for the ones w...
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by nikkiprew, Jan 18, 2010
Today was technically a day off from work but I went into work anyways for some extra hours...