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Journals about copd


by SFCE, Dec 03, 2012
With my Severe COPD from the Vietnam Agent Orange, I now at 42 years later have to take --A...

by sstitanic2, Feb 09, 2012
this is the day of diagnosis. I don't know how to feel. I just got my head around copd...

by Astra1547, Nov 09, 2010
I'm a bad patient when it comes to my own health and i don't look after myself at...

by sheilac242, Sep 24, 2010
med help just helped me find out that my rib pain comes from my copd when the lungs are exp...

by shyozz, Aug 28, 2010
I was hoping to sleep in today but no such luck, was up at 6 AM. My Sugar is high and I to...

by Jennitasia, Sep 07, 2009
September 7, 2009 Today, I feel a little down due to a severe COPD flare up, but it coul...

by DGStill, Jul 10, 2009
Thurs. Jan. 10th 2009. Have Documents for insurance, switching phones, PC and Fax line. Too...

by milo_1, May 14, 2009 - 1 Comment
Oh wow. Now my mom has an aneurysm they found by accident. She was in hosp. for COPD and th...

by PatNC, Feb 18, 2009
My GP confirmed that I have COPD on Feb. 18, 2009.

by shielah, Feb 07, 2009
It took me forever to wash the ceiling and walls in the downstairs loo. By the time I had f...