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Journals about sickness

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by NatM80, Mar 02, 2012
Managed to get up, do a few chores and have a bath, but that's about it. Managed a bit...
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by NatM80, Feb 28, 2012
Started with a horrid sickness bug about 7.30pm - Had been feeling a bit sick all day, then...
1715604 tn?1332093176

by NatM80, Feb 28, 2012
Started with a nasty sickness bug, so sleep all over the place till Friday/Saturday - Can&#...
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by BrennieGirl, Nov 21, 2011
Woke up randomly at 7am again this morning and the feeling was back. I started vomiting and...
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by BrennieGirl, Nov 20, 2011
It was so sudden and so strong. It started with just a slight headache, then I started gett...
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by kimmielou137, Oct 20, 2011 - 4 Comments
Today is my second day taking provera and I did have intercourse with my husband but I was ...
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by DarkShmoke, Oct 12, 2010
I've recently been feeling unwell, Its been about 2/in a hlaf months since its been get...
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by PJGDEL, Jul 18, 2010
Woke up feeling dizzy sat up took Meds and 20 mins later was making friends with the potty...
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by Krisiness, May 17, 2010
I just now have to alphabetize it and sort it according to class and I'll be ready for ...
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by Krisiness, Feb 21, 2010
I've been through more tissues today than you would believe. Most of a box. I woke up ...