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Journals about sickness

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by Jaynes, Jan 14, 2010
Spent the night and next day with sickness and dia.I almost fell asleep twice but the dog w...
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by Krisiness, Dec 04, 2009
I seem to be the only one who saw that coming. It wasn't for failing to park correctly,...
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by Jaydensmum, Nov 25, 2009
I have just started feeling nauseous over the last couple of days...I didn't have any s...
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by Krisiness, Nov 08, 2009
This morning and could not drag my *** out of bed. So I didn't. I slept a long time. An...
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by Krisiness, Nov 05, 2009
It was a long day. That asian girl treated me like a retard this morning who couldn't r...
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by Krisiness, Oct 28, 2009
In CA. Almost killed this ******* girl because she was like I HATE THIS THIS GUYS A ****. A...
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by newgirl286, Apr 28, 2009
I am ready... ready for my new life to really get started and this sickness to finally go ...
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by ohanamama, Mar 17, 2009
Sam is sick for the second time this year. This time w/fever. I actually got some of it t...
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by Emy725, Mar 09, 2009
today was the first day that i felt sick! .. i had a HUGE headache all day and didnt want t...
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by noconnor, Sep 24, 2008 - 2 Comments
i was rather concerned this morning when i woke up and tried to walk out of my bedroom, onl...