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by Pearlskincare, Sep 11, 2013
Craze of using skin whitener for lighter skin tone actually making the cosmetic companies d...

by EFox2007, Jan 24, 2012
Was rubbing his face in the blankets in his play room at Susan's house - began to scra...

by Alonecryin, Dec 02, 2011
Traffic was busy, got agitated. Got confused as to how to get to the dentist. still get...

by Alonecryin, Nov 10, 2011
well its Thurs evening @ 9:30 pm. My afternoon and evening was good then turned into a me...

by Jesusismysavior92, Jul 25, 2011 - 1 Comment
I myself have suffered with acne and eventually cured my acne. You have to drink lots of w...

by EFox2007, Jun 15, 2011
Under bottom lip, right middle finger, left index finger, left knee and shin, right shin an...

by mazzoul, Jun 13, 2011
(( ... )) cant think and conffussed ommm.... some thing is not right..... i am in pain m...

by painbrain, Jul 07, 2010
Sorry, I am supposed to be mindful right now, but I lost it, it got away from me. I am sup...

by cher9737, May 31, 2010
my pulmonary doctor is ok i think i can work with him i told him how i liked my other pulm...

by megan80, Apr 05, 2009
My 8 year old daughter has food and enviropnmental allergies, as well as asthma. I am very...