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Journals about Thyroid


by ipraytoday, May 30, 2015
An MRI incidental finding of a complex nodule in the right love of my thyroid occurred on M...

by Maratamat, Feb 16, 2015
When I got pregnant, no one really told me the complications that can come from having an u...

by hashi2healthy, Jan 15, 2015
Symptoms: Sudden onset 11/30/12 Inability to take deep breaths Dull chest pain Palpitati...

by Lyssax73, Oct 16, 2014
For the past few months ive lost interest in EVERYTHING. I was very worried and talked to p...

by Marisen, Jul 05, 2014
Since I embarked on this endeavor two years ago this month, the mirror is showing me a pers...

by Ani_Watts, Feb 15, 2014
Waiting for results from my third thyroid blood tests. First test abnormal, next labs were ...

by Karisma853, Jan 05, 2014
I don't know how to start this entry as I'm still reeling and shaking from what h...

by hardworkingboyfriend, Dec 23, 2013
Morning time is usually when I'm at my worst. My brain feels like mush; I can't f...

by Roxycat36, Aug 31, 2013
This dates back to july 10 when my mom and I realized that I wasn't taking my medicat...

by NewWoman_1920, Aug 25, 2013
OK now it is 8 weeks since thyroid surgery and still no definitive answer regarding final d...
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