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Journals about weird


by ginjninj, Nov 08, 2011
I had consumed lots of alcohol and had not slept or eaten in a while, which led to white ou...

by ginjninj, Sep 26, 2011
Sleep felt different today, like time was passing without me being asleep. Some recollectio...

by chloemichelle, Sep 17, 2011
Last night I hung out with a very nice young man named Josh. He did not walk me home afterw...

by sgthomp, Jan 29, 2011
ok so more cramps today. they do not feel like af cramps more fwd for me. (i usually feel...

by Vantom, Jan 15, 2011
I woke up not to long ago to some cramping on my left side its down by my left ovary, its n...

by scared3339, Oct 05, 2010
my mind was freaking out she was trying to take over felt like she was beating me up and sh...

by Des_a_rae, Jul 19, 2010
I've been dreaming so much here lately. Weird ones. I don't know what the deal is...

by amnesiadream, Jul 17, 2010
I was graduating high school and before we went, i was getting my hair done but only half o...

by Don5724, Jul 16, 2010
Somewhat rested with cpap on ,but still fragmented sleep. Had a weird dream!

by cindy414, Jun 14, 2010
Have no idea what is going on this cycle. Alot of spotting b4 and after AF. had spotting af...
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