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Journals about fall


by gqmolyneux, Feb 20, 2014
Today was the worst day I have had for a while. Struggling as normal and then had a fall i...

by Multipin, Jun 17, 2012
Both of my legs are swollen and the bruised spots on my right leg/ knee are turning a green...

by Multipin, Jun 13, 2012
Today is the 3rd time I fell out of bed in 3 months. My both knees and bug legs are bruise...

by Multipin, Jun 04, 2012
I was at a family picnic at a local park pavillion. The weather was slightly cool and windy...

by Bookfairy, Jan 19, 2011
A lot of discomfort still on the right side. I think a lot of my pain today is from sittin...

by lovemyr6, Dec 26, 2010
Couple of days ago I slipped in the shower (dumba** sister left oil in the shower floor). I...

by DIZZYinCHARLOTTE, Jul 13, 2010
- I have a constant loss of equilibrium and yet there is nothing wrong with my ears or my ...

by hyeyung, Mar 05, 2009
I am sooo tired. It's the kind of tired where you're body is physical exhausted ...

by hyeyung, Feb 26, 2009
Things were supposed to get better and although I see a definite change since the beginning...

by hyeyung, Feb 18, 2009
I got my refills and though it took a little longer than I would have liked it, I DID fall ...
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