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hi, i had hepa -b since last 2005 but according to the doctor its no medecation..only for ...
ano po ba tlga ang exact cure ng hepa b effective po ba itong mga tf4life na sinasabe at yu...
is hepa b cure when we in right diet?
is there a medicine for hepa b?
Thankful po ako dahil my forum palang ganito na gaya nyo rin ay taglay ko.Taong 2003 pagka ...
is hepa b can cure
I have a hepatitis b. What medicine should I take to cure this hepa b on my body?
can u help me find out how to cure hepatitis b..what kind of food should i eat.
i have a hepa B patient how can i cure it pls help me sum advice!!
hi is there any medicine to cure hepa b..coz i am positive for 9 years..
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