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‎10-15-11: Started back on FL4I (Fat Loss 4 Idiots) 10-16-11: Lost 2 lbs 10-17-11: Los...
Daily Record of weight, Weight Loss and Weight Gain Day # 1 - Cycle 1, Monday, June 27, ...
I plan on starting FL4I on monday hopefully i will have the success as described in the for...
You don't have to answer, but I thought I'd post this poll anyhow.
Here you can post your progress and whatever else comes to mind. I posted a bunch of my cy...
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by bebe2011, Jul 20, 2011 - 2 Comments
Well I am doing better than planned Weigh in for day 10 is 255.6, that is a 8.4 lbs lo...

by bebe2011, Jul 18, 2011
Well today is veggie day, i am hoping all the water weight i gained yesterday plus som...

by bebe2011, Jul 15, 2011
Weigh in for day 5- 257.8 a loss of 1.6 lbs
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