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Journals about Headache


by gettingmylifeback1964, Oct 04, 2015
This has got to be a cold, doesn't it? Lungs are heavy, glands are swollen even my th...

by KatGuadalupee_, Oct 04, 2015
Last night I began to feel a discomfort in my throat when I swallowed. But it was only on m...

by krunge, Sep 10, 2015
headache between eyes. took three ibuprofen in afternoon but still had a headache after. to...

by Aslanarts, May 29, 2015
I have had a chronic migraine for just shy of four years now. I have levels of pain from da...

by Luliiii, Nov 16, 2014 - 1 Comment
I'm 14, and my migraine is bothering me a lot. I feel like it could happen every unexp...

by justlookin0583, Apr 10, 2014
head hurting and back of left leg feels like someone has run a cold cheese grater over the ...

by Lucafira, Feb 14, 2014
Woke up with a severe stabbing pain in my left eye. It felt like my brain behind my left ey...

by spoilher101, Nov 08, 2013 - 3 Comments
Does anyone know what this cerebral artery stuff is, & could i caught it from my baseme...

by boron, Oct 21, 2013
These are the most RELIABLE symptoms and signs of dehydration: 1. Sudden loss of weight ...

by TeeRex727, Jun 19, 2013
Syncope On June 4th 2013, I was in class taking an algebra exam when I experienced treme...