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by ZackL, Aug 02, 2013 - 1 Comment
I'm feeling guilty over how careless I've dealt with family affairs. I don't...

by ganana, Jul 31, 2012
dx March 2009 with Stiff Person Syndrome, rare autoimmune disease after MS was ruled out. ...

by paco0803, Jun 18, 2012
This is Monday and I have 2 more days before I have my Spinal Tap and Myelogram done to see...

by Deborak, May 01, 2012
My fatigue is so high that I hardly have the energy to write this. I have been trying for t...

by Deborak, Apr 25, 2012
I am so frustrated, the blister broke Feb.15 on the way into see my G.P. His nurse put a q...

by bamabred, Oct 27, 2011
Trying to work with what i have.

by tstarshine, Oct 04, 2011
Autoimmune Diseases The Heavy Facts: Every year in the US, over 250,000 people are diagn...

by tstarshine, Jun 25, 2011 How is it used?...

by SaraRN, Feb 17, 2010 - 1 Comment
February 10, 2010 I went to see my neurologist in Davis, Ca, a 2.5 hour drive for us. My hu...

by LauriewithMAD, Feb 08, 2010 - 1 Comment
Well, I am waiting on more test results to come in. Now the doctors are testing me for Cel...