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by ShinigamiDeathscytheSan, Jun 02, 2012
i have a very bad image in my head right now. an image i want to make a reality, at least p...
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by SeniorBoz, May 31, 2012
I did my EEG (2 weeks after my TIA), and tried to get a follow up appointment with the Neur...
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by ginjninj, Feb 15, 2012
First bad day I've had in a while and it affected my sleep badly. I tried for a long ti...
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by babaabee, Feb 06, 2012
Well yesterday my bf ended our relationship as he said he didnt want another baby....+&...
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by kersh79, Feb 02, 2012
Tonight i have been very bad has im having chocolate has i just fancy some , for some stran...
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by melygirl3, Feb 01, 2012
uhhhggg, test tomarrow, and ill probably end up having to stay up late trying to figure it ...
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by silentheart, Jan 13, 2012
Almost half the day is over and it's been BAD. I've been on the computer all mornin...
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by ginjninj, Jan 11, 2012
Can't think of a reason for it, I just couldn't get to sleep for ages, then it was ...
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by thinkbesidethebox, Dec 06, 2011
i kind of wanted to smoke today but i didnt and i wanted to, just to kind of feel like I be...
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by ginjninj, Nov 26, 2011
Didn't sleep very well, but could not find anything that could have caused this. Possib...