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Journals about caffiene

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by mikiban, Aug 26, 2013
**Today there was caffiene, about 400mg of it. This changes things** Minimum heart rate:...
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by Krisiness, Sep 19, 2009
I'm not supposed to have caffiene. But I did today, and today was great. I'm not go...
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by Lizz90, Jun 18, 2009
I was going to click happy. but it wasnt real happy. it was caffiene induced. so does it co...
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by Plainface, Apr 22, 2009
Today I downed 500ml of a high energy drink called 'RELENTLESS'. I have not felt as...
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by yelsea, Jan 08, 2009
I went outside to smoke before bed last night for what I think was the first time (I have a...
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by yelsea, Jan 04, 2009
I didn't get on yesterday, but I had three cigarettes and a few cups of coffee and some...
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by yelsea, Jan 03, 2009
Is all I had. No cigarettes. I guess I'm going to count everything because I haven'...