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Journals about want

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by ninadetusojos, Oct 01, 2013
I feel Fine.. I'm trying to relax by thinking about what I want for Christmas. And posi...
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by Renee9986, Mar 12, 2013
I realized that when I'm involved with a guy i start having weird dreams.. I want to ke...
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by MeganWink, Jan 04, 2013
So I'm trying to do something with my friends but they are always busy or not telling m...
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by neonmilk, Mar 14, 2012 - 1 Comment
I Want To Kill Myself so my personal heaven would be back in time before i told my bestfrie...
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by bebe2011, Jan 26, 2012
I feel so emotional, i guess that is what you would call it?? I just feel i want to be whin...
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by bebe2011, Dec 17, 2011
I dont think i will be preggo this month, my husband and i BD, but he does not ejaculate. H...
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by neonmilk, Jul 21, 2011
i lost my best friend to one thing that i'm bi she said it was wrong that she wants not...
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by bebe2011, Jun 14, 2011
Why is it when i turn out not pregnant my dh is upset, but when i try to find items to help...
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by cherrydr88, Feb 25, 2011
Today I had no time to eat anything for lunch. I know this is probably not the way to lose ...
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by ydoc1990, Sep 01, 2010
I have started my menstrual cycle, all i want is chocolate and deep fried!!!! i'm strug...