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by Nya86, Nov 01, 2010
Hey everybody, I'm 24 and was having alot of health issues regarding ovulation, hav...

by EkiBaby, Mar 09, 2010
Going to hospital tomorrow to apply for health insurance for me since i found out i am preg...

by Girlplz, Mar 08, 2010
So. I've decided to chart my cycle for a good 3 months, as I'm trying to sway for...

by Girlplz, Mar 08, 2010
I need to lose about 12 pounds. Not because I think I'm grossly overweight, but becaus...

by Cloudwindgate, Dec 14, 2009
Is a skill i lack. I can't do it i understand the ideal of it but it just seems strang...

by Nurse08_040486, Aug 26, 2009
Maybe you'll think this is funny or interesting: 1.First thought when you found out...

by AnimeKitty, Aug 12, 2009
Hmmmmm today I suffered another bout of insomnia. And today I had little ceasars pizza for ...

by AnimeKitty, Aug 06, 2009
Well at 7am after taking a bath, I cut for the first time. It was twice on my left wrist. R...