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Journals about yoga


by kristinelynn, Jan 03, 2011
Spent 60 minutes diving into the world of Zumba via youtube videos. It was very enjoyable,...

by onyxangel, Oct 16, 2010 - 15 Comments
Ok so I everyone says having a stressfree cycle with help conception. I've removed all...

by kamaxell, Oct 14, 2010
I finally had the energy to do my prenatal yoga DVD, and it felt great! I'm hoping th...

by firetiger11, Oct 01, 2010
I am not waking up as early as I would like to to make it to the really early hot yoga clas...

by firetiger11, Sep 26, 2010
i have been trying to get more excersise done lately, but tomorrow I start a portion contro...

by painterchic, Sep 08, 2010
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 I am officially declaring defeat on the TN low Saturated...

by painbrain, Aug 20, 2010
The Power of Om Aum, Om, Ohm…no matter how you spell it, is a powerful intonation. Ca...

by painbrain, Aug 18, 2010
Yoga and Ayurveda for Holistic Health The mention of yoga brings to mind a set of phy...

by painbrain, Aug 16, 2010
Wow! I am so proud of myself! I did both yoga and the breath meditations, along with non-b...

by coffeeom, Aug 02, 2010 - 3 Comments
I am going to my first ms fundraiser this sunday aug 8th!!! If anyone is near long island...
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