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Journals about Cold

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by Sicktoooften, Jun 05, 2014
Hi I am a fairly healthy female. I work a full time job as a room attendant at a hotel, so ...
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by Tntmama1, Mar 29, 2014
March 28th 2014 I had an EEG done. Started feeling extremely cold then started to shake. It...
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by SandraLynne1968, Feb 12, 2014
Even Florida gets cold. Then it gets hot. And then cold. Back and forth. No wonder everyone...
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by boz5886, Nov 17, 2013
Rock and Roll Marathon runs today, and I'm not entered. Breathing has been labored all ...
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by shugalug, Jul 03, 2013
Rang psych on 17th June, to send me scripts for valium & zopiclone. 1 week later, no sc...
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by KDBaby, Apr 12, 2013
Well it's only 5 days to go, but you can't believe how sick I am! I think I have st...
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by Christine000, Mar 16, 2013
Around this time I had my first "giant" palpitation. I had been arguing terribly...
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by jessilb, Mar 09, 2013
I do have a little headache, but I think it is a cold coming on. My son also has a cold so...
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by Med Help, Feb 21, 2013 - 3 Comments
The peak of flu season is behind us, but you may still be feeling its effects. In between y...
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by ccunningham, Jan 24, 2013
Vitamin... check. @7am, temp 3 (COLD!), hum 67%, barometric 30.53. Slept better with 2 sma...