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Journals about Cleaning

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Before I can rest. And it's not that I had a bad day. I didn't have a bad day. M...
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Because I ate so much mango. And I did not have any pain! It was surreal, it was so awkward...
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by konalove, Sep 30, 2009
On my way back to Penticton later tonight... Must clean organize and pack EVERYTHING!
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Texting on Ambien =D. Including fun messages such as "sorry I jummble a liitle from th...
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by DarkSalem, Dec 06, 2008
work 8 hours, folding organizing, cash, generally okay and kinda happy. i love to sort and ...
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After weighing the pros and cons of going back to work; i have decided to stay home! It wo...
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by mommyshaw3, Jul 16, 2008
Today is going really well so far (it is only 9am ~ but usually by now I am feeling depress...