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Journals about hate

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by Kaylanna123, Oct 11, 2015
Hey, so, I'm new with this website, and well I guess I should explain why I'm upset...
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by Doriree, May 01, 2014
I know I should never use the word hate but I just wish that things would go my way just on...
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by CrazyK9s, May 17, 2013
Makes me hungry all the time, makes me crave carbs to the point where I feel like a sugar c...
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by david1974, Feb 06, 2013 - 1 Comment
When I was a child I always felt my mother had a split personality. She would either smothe...
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by jsprings9983, Jan 24, 2013
Hello all, or no one, depending on if anyone reads this. I don't know exactly how to n...
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by spongebob35, Sep 19, 2012
i hate it when i get my period my back and lower stomach hurt so bad that it will just abo...
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by meichan, Jul 09, 2012 - 1 Comment
I am 16 this year and am a asthma patient recently i am becoming really angry and aggressiv...
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by Linda458, Apr 04, 2012 - 1 Comment
I can't stop myself. I keep binging. I wish I was one who also purged but i'm not...
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by LShaune, Jan 23, 2012
I really, really hate myself lately. How I appear, how I look on photos. I don't really...
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by mazy227, Nov 29, 2011
everything went perfect until i got home my mom always treats me like nothing talking to he...