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Any tips of what NOT to eat? I will be soon 27 female, I'm 190 , I exercise with Zumba dvds...
I'm 25, went from 230-258 in one year, and I'm 5'9. Recently my readings have been coming u...
Hi, Im 17 years old going on 18 this next month and for the last year and a half Ive been...
Can any one help me with all these symptoms, I feel like I am dying on the vine.I have not ...
My mom had her gall bladder removed in October. Since then, she has had many, many things w...
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by Brandywinne, Jul 22, 2011 - 1 Comment
I then gained five lbs back so I need to get back on track.

by bebe2011, Jul 16, 2011
Wiegh in for day 6- 257.2 loss of 0.6 lbs

by Mammoth78, Nov 10, 2010
Definitely starting to see the effects now; losing aroudn 0.5 lbs a day but also seein...
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