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Journals about ankles


by Chlowebster, Jun 04, 2015
I'm a rower so a lot of cardio is needed during the winter months, I ran and I had ver...

by maryam_E, Oct 13, 2014 - 1 Comment
Hello, three months ago my mom got a rash around her left ankle which is very itchy (it s...

by christianscrappergal, Jul 02, 2012
My ankles and feet are swollen today and I have pain in my left knee. Wondering if it is t...

by Multipin, Jun 13, 2012
Today is the 3rd time I fell out of bed in 3 months. My both knees and bug legs are bruise...

by cyberpyxi, Jan 25, 2010
I am way too sore right now. This weekend, I couldn't eat for over 36 hours, no matter...

by jbfickle, Jul 16, 2009 - 1 Comment
In the last couple of weeks I have suddenly experienced severe pain on the inside part of m...

by mileymike, May 29, 2008
It has been 1 month after i got an sprained ankle and i am relatively much better, because ...

by kthorses94, Mar 04, 2008
I have serious ankle pains and my doctor said its not growing pains! When i was doing socce...