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by TRACEYCOOKE, Jul 24, 2012
Sovereign Silver...is an excellent choice...keep eye clean with saline and drop a couple dr...

by bitsrus, Feb 09, 2012
Har time seeing with left eye.

by sunflowerhoney, Feb 05, 2012
Why does he lie in our bed not making a sigh? Why does he sleep so peaceful tonight? Why ...

by kersh79, Jan 16, 2012
On the 10th Jan 2012 i had to go and have my eyes tested they said it is a routine check we...

by chefaid90, Nov 27, 2011 - 2 Comments
Took a nasty fall today. This will be the 4th time this year that I have lost sensation fro...

by Michael Gonzalez-WallaceBlank, Nov 19, 2011 - 2 Comments
From Body Smart: Click here to read the best digital magazine from Nomad editions My new S...

by Nova233, Nov 03, 2011
I've been having more common nightmares lately and there usually about spirits or ghos...

by patientnurse, Aug 02, 2011 - 6 Comments
I had my OCT last Thursday, and I do have some inflammation going on. Where exactly I can&#...

by zaftig1, Jun 19, 2011
are killing me. The artificial tears are burning them and the are sooo dry.

by Rannuir, May 23, 2011
About one week ago I had a very odd thing happen with my eyes. I felt odd one day after a g...
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