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Journals about cooking


by CRSeaside, Jan 08, 2016
Well, forced myself to have handyman and family here for projects and cleaning and cooking....

by cindahomemaker, Aug 14, 2013
Began to get back to wholefoods diet. Adding in much cooking, juicing, low carbing and alre...

by LaDonnaF, Feb 21, 2012 - 1 Comment
Weighed in today at 151.5 ~ That's a 4.5 loss in a little over a week. It feels goo...

by Kayla450, Nov 03, 2011
I'm usually on Diet Diary everyday, plugging in my food, water, weight and exercise an...

by Krisiness, Jul 04, 2010
Cut cucumbers wrong. Had fun. Ate alot. Steve's house. Nap. Sims on PS2. Dinner. H...

by onyxangel, Apr 18, 2010 - 6 Comments
Today is 8DPO woop woop no real drop in bbt only 3 more days to test hehehe Im getting exc...

by innerchild09, Jan 13, 2010
Today was really scarey. It all started when Mom was cooking. She just got dinner finished....

by BradyAm, Dec 17, 2009
i probably would have gotten more done if i didnt sleep in so late lol. but i did lots of l...

by Krisiness, Oct 30, 2009
I do not know what happened, specifically. The day is a bit fuzzy. It was a long morning, s...

by Krisiness, Sep 18, 2009
Really wierd of me. I had school. We made posters in CA. And I kinda made some friends. I w...