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Journals about cutting


by anonymousgirl32323, Oct 02, 2013
I've been clean for over a month, but I started cutting after being afraid of moving a...

by puddels, Jan 02, 2013
I hate this. I dont know if i should be proud of myself for putting back the blade in my pe...

by Nighthawk61, Oct 05, 2012 - 2 Comments
It is unclear whether the practice of self injury is on the rise recently or if there is ju...

by ViolentCuppy, Feb 13, 2012
It bugs me that my best friend wants to cut and I'm a recovering cutter and I tell her...

by ViolentCuppy, Oct 06, 2011
When I was young, my parents moved from Mississippi to California. So I have no family here...

by xFlawful, May 06, 2011
I'm sorry I'm pushing you away, Mom. Please understand it's hard for me to t...

by lottiedaniels, Nov 14, 2010
I really hate winter. November through March has to be the worst time of year for me. I fig...

by dontcareanymore, Nov 08, 2010
Well it is another monday and the hubby is pulling a 10 hour day, which don't get me w...

by Sic4toolong, Jul 30, 2010
had been doing well cutting way down on smoking, but notice stress is going to make this ex...

by Krisiness, Feb 27, 2010
To the things that happened today, and how I felt. But I'm getting stuck in right now....