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Journals about hallucinations


by Nelkitty, Dec 29, 2012
On top of my usual side-of-vision hallucinations, I had about five to ten minutes of intens...

by karems, Mar 01, 2012
Things ive noticed over the lastmonth... Hallucinations - more frequent. not sure if im ...

by vickie5989, Jun 13, 2010
I've been living with bipolar for a long time. I've never really talked to other...

by jack_martin, Mar 29, 2010
I went outside for a smoke at 1:45 in the morning. It was lightly raining and the night was...

by Krisiness, Feb 09, 2010
Which basically means nothing. I was pretty tired today. I had one of those dreams like I ...

by Krisiness, Feb 06, 2010
Much better than yesterday. Well it's the end of the night and I feel much better. Las...

by wgrimm, Dec 27, 2009
So not being able to sleep when not taking my geodon. It made for a bad night of sleeping f...

by konalove, Sep 25, 2009 - 1 Comment
Lots to track. Hopefully after I have collected some data here my Psychiatrist will look a...

by Krisiness, Aug 24, 2009
Mostly out of my teenage awkward stage, I'll admit I had a ton of fun making lemonade ...

by Krisiness, Aug 23, 2009
That I wrote most of this last night, the day it happened. And then MedHelp went down and p...