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Journals about Hypothyroid


by yallolorry, Feb 21, 2010
just taking it one day at a time and I know I will get there when I'm meant to. I refu...

by yallolorry, Feb 05, 2010
woke up normal time, felt not too bad, got wobbly after an hour or so pottering, rested up,...

by yallolorry, Jan 10, 2010
this week I discovered a really nice yoga centre in my area with an incredible introductory...

by yallolorry, Jan 03, 2010
I felt quite a bit better over christmas, we went up to see my mother in law up north and m...

by koalabear123, Dec 22, 2009
17th December 2009: hypertension, felt dreadful so went to the doctor. BP 175/115. Given b-...

by ChitChatNine, Dec 09, 2009
Thyroid Awareness Month is January 2010 Take a minute and stop by our Thyroid Disorders...

by aa9343, Nov 18, 2009
not tomorrow anymore - TODAY. I feel really hypo - but I am going to force myself to the g...

by yallolorry, Nov 05, 2009
learning what I can from the internet, woke up tired and with strong pins and needles/ fire...

by Aleen217, Oct 15, 2009
I went to see my primary dr because my lab work came back and my thyroid levels were off. T...

by Aleen217, Oct 07, 2009
Oh Gosh I am so happy!! Only one more week and I will be 3 months along and heading to my 2...