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The Texas HCV Coalition for the Cure is working on a publication to include Treatment Histo...
are there any specific diets for infirtile women, eating pepermint, junk food is safe?
anything out there to show a real statistical advantage to infergen over redipen?
anything out there to show statistical superiority of infergen over redipen?
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- Jun 28, 2010
I just had sex with a promiscuous older man at my work place. I have no genital cuts, but I...
can you exercise while taking a shot for weight loss
Has anyone had problems with what feels lake blatter infection since taking the Peg and Rib...
I was hoping this was a "reply" space and not a "post a question" thing. Anyway, with rega...
about 2 weeks ago, my platelets had dropped from 89 to 57, so my NP reduced my inf to 1/2 d...
What is the difference and where can I find more info. Thanks Teri
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by Miss_TDJ, Dec 30, 2008 - 3 Comments
My husband was told by the doctor that he does not produce any sperm, therefore he cou...
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