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by Kodiak99615, Oct 24, 2014
This AM @5:30 I found this weight tracker. It will show in a graph..weight...goals..exercis...

by WJU, Aug 17, 2013
1 week ago I was 258.3, this morning 251.8

by CrazyK9s, May 17, 2013
Makes me hungry all the time, makes me crave carbs to the point where I feel like a sugar c...

by TIddums, Mar 26, 2013
I've put on a couple of pounds instead of loosing it unfortuantly. Lucky for me the hp...

by TIddums, Mar 22, 2013
I'm now determined to start exercising more, by doing random video's daily. I...

by TIddums, Mar 21, 2013
Obviously feeling much bigger today, probably from the excess food I ate yesterday, so goin...

by boz5886, Feb 26, 2013
Weight taken early in am. on electronic scale at home. Normal weigh in at LVAC on manual s...

by Khiba, Feb 18, 2013
Thanks to 6 months on Effexor, I gained 20lbs and way overshot my goal weight of 120, so no...

by dawncarla, Oct 04, 2012
this morning was hard, i got on the tread mill and really felt everything hurting. I set th...

by kersh79, Aug 07, 2012 - 3 Comments
well been to the gym today this is my 3rd week and i have been 6 times in that time and i w...