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by katlizca, Jan 29, 2013
Need to take 100 mg 4 days of the week and 125 the other three. At 125 every day, my levels...

by cazzapop, Dec 06, 2012
All good

by trolleyswife, Sep 05, 2012
My feet and legs are slightly swollen Headache is more of a pressure than an ache with blu...

by shannonm75, Sep 05, 2012
Think I am over-medicated. I know my body. I know what I was taking was enough. New doctor ...

by nicollynne, Jul 26, 2012
I can definitely tell a difference since I have been out of my meds. I'm constantly e...

by buffalopride, Jul 02, 2012
today was my first office visit with an new endocrinologist, and to my surprise he informed...

by thethinme, Mar 08, 2012
Tests: (1) TSH W/FREE T4 RFX (43562A) ! Send Out "Result Below..." *1 RESUL...

by hetflameuk, Mar 07, 2012
saw gp yesterday, asked him for scan. Gp worried as even though on levo for 1yr now, still...

by wan848, Jan 25, 2012
I spazzed out yesterday-I won't explain-I know everytime I turn around I'm in tea...

by Kathyb19, Oct 14, 2011
I felt really yesterday. This morning I woke up at 4:30, my whole body hurt, so I took the ...
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