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by TeeTom, Feb 01, 2010
Today started out good, but after lunch I felt a little down up until about 6 pm. Other tha...

by TeeTom, Jan 31, 2010
Another good day. No issues.

by TeeTom, Jan 30, 2010 - 2 Comments
Well it's been nine days and I feel fairly good. I took my second shot yesterday and t...

by TeeTom, Jan 29, 2010
Second Shot day. Every thing is good. Sides on shot way less than last week.

by TeeTom, Jan 28, 2010
Again today was a good day. Tomorrow is report in day and a BAAAADDD day cause it's ti...

by TeeTom, Jan 27, 2010
Today was a good day. Working like I alsway have. Noticed no bad sides as of yet. Still kic...

by Khiba, Jan 26, 2010
Met with really good neurosurgeon in my area to see if there was anything going on in my sp...

by amberrgen78, Jan 16, 2010
laid on the couch...then laid some more. sat at teh comp very little and tried to talk to s...

by RobynHoneycutt, Dec 27, 2009
Once again night is drawing near .... night time is such a battle for me because I can'...

by Krys13, Dec 18, 2009
Slept late, again. Erin (wife) made me a pizza for 'breakfast'. She wanted to go...