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by jessilb, Apr 05, 2013
So, at 12am I decided to look at my check books and my bills. Well, I did this because I n...

by NotALICE, Apr 03, 2013
"Aunt Dot" is almost on her way out. (How many nicknames are for there that anywa...

by jessilb, Apr 01, 2013
So, my daughter and son were at it all day. Yelling at each other, fighting, physically hu...

by jessilb, Mar 31, 2013
Went to church to watch my daughter play bells and my son sing with his schoolmates. They ...

by NotALICE, Mar 30, 2013
Planning on driving 10 hours to see my daughter today. Worried about the self sufficiency o...

by NotALICE, Mar 29, 2013
Need more coffee :-p. trying to scrounge up gas $ to visit my pregnant daughter in Mississi...

by jessilb, Mar 26, 2013
My father insisted on fixing my vacuum. It gave me a migraine. And it was family night, a...

by jessilb, Mar 25, 2013
just about the only thing that was not good today was that my son was bad at school and got...

by HiLoGirl, Mar 24, 2013
This coming from someone who could sleep 12-15 when not working, but I guess that's th...

by jessilb, Mar 24, 2013
Around 12am I asked my daughter to clean by the washer and dryer because there was a pile o...