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Journals about mania


by Samharley, Apr 29, 2014
Havent even written on my actual blog for ages – its been a busy mental month and havent re...

by bpbutterfly, Aug 15, 2012
So it looks like I've got some mania going on. I feel like I'm about to jump out ...

by 2crazy, May 31, 2012
Triggers and signs… As a person with Bipolar they are always there. Whether I’m going up...

by jbuchana, Apr 24, 2012
I didn't make into mania, but it sure felt like I was close!

by RhythmicVeggie, Aug 29, 2011 - 1 Comment
Right now I feel like my mind is racing at a million km a second. I have a lot of things th...

by Bubulous, Aug 27, 2011 - 1 Comment
Welcome back mania. I did a milliion things yesterday but finished nothing : ) I plan t...

by Bubulous, Jul 13, 2011
I knew it was coming. I was happy when I woke up. I went to play basketball and enjoyed t...

by Bubulous, Jun 14, 2011
I woke up deppressed. I attended my first group and my legs were bothering me. The though...

by Bubulous, May 29, 2011
I slept very little the night before. When I got up I jumped in the shower and by the time...

by jnreid, Mar 16, 2011
I bought two bottles of ink and two fountain pens today, one of them costing over $400. Th...
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