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Journals about manic


by HiLoGirl, Mar 23, 2013
Got up at 3:30am. My sleep patterns really worry me. No headache, no agitation, bit manic &...

by jessilb, Feb 22, 2013
I have not been manic for a while. Not always a good thing. I am strung out on life. Wen...

by crap37, Apr 19, 2012
today and other days is what the shrink calls hypo manic which basically means your moods e...

by Mpleasant77, Feb 03, 2012
today started out good got ok sleep and dreamt for the first time in weeks. Got up sweaty t...

by Alonecryin, Dec 03, 2011
still getting severe anxiety and agitated.

by Alonecryin, Nov 29, 2011
Got out of the house today with son, We went to meet my sister in Kilgore. then we ate lu...

by Alonecryin, Nov 24, 2011
black Friday, went to try and shop at Walmart at 10 pm after thanksgiving. I felt manic ...

by Alonecryin, Nov 18, 2011
I woke up feeling manic and agitated. The got depressed. It went from good to bad very q...

by Nexy, Sep 23, 2011 - 4 Comments
Back from my holiday to the beach w/ boyfriend. Went okay, except that we started drinking ...

by Bubulous, Jun 14, 2011
I woke up deppressed. I attended my first group and my legs were bothering me. The though...
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