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by nuc99705, Feb 28, 2013
Rode stationary bike level 10 for 40 minutes and level 11 for 20 minutes - total 19.4miles....
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by nuc99705, Feb 26, 2013
Rode stationary bike level 10 for 40 minutes and level 11 20 minutes - total 19.2 miles. S...
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by tinaduncan22, Sep 03, 2012
road bikes walked on the beach with my whole family together and iyt was the best day in a ...
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by bryanna_drsdwn, Jun 26, 2011
Was in a good mood today, had plans for the evening and Matt was going to call me. So I was...
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by Matchete, Feb 26, 2011
Took a bike ride- wanted to get some exercise, which was good. Felt nice, not the same leve...
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by SharonMcD, Jun 25, 2010
Since he is home for the evening and we had plenty of evening left.. though rain a big poss...
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by Fae617, Oct 13, 2009
I had my first follow-up visit with my cardiologist and he said my heart was strong. He to...
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by Krisiness, Jul 02, 2009
I really swear I will take my depakote and wellbutrin tonight. It baffles me why I've b...
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by daisymay99, May 17, 2009
Sunday. I woke up w/ a headache, had one most of the night. Feel tired still but woke at 8...
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by Joy74, Apr 28, 2009
Ok so no walking today but I actually rode my bike to Jerome's Power yoga class. This c...