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Journals about nicotine


by alyc324, Jul 18, 2012
I feel very angry. I feel depressed like life stinks, and I feel a major sense of loss. I...

by worried878, Sep 24, 2011
I kicked hydros a few years back and proud of it. Unfortunately, I started smoking again a...

by Capricron2aT, Mar 28, 2011
Off suckers now..onto regular gum. But yes, I still think about cigarettes. It's not...

by Steven Y Park, MDBlank, Mar 26, 2011
Ponce de Leon is well known as the Spanish explorer that searched for the fountain of youth...

by Capricron2aT, Mar 16, 2011
Now I'm gonna drink water like a mad woman tomorrow. Oh..because of the coffee. I thi...

by Capricron2aT, Mar 16, 2011
I've been subconciously (well kind of!) replacing cigarettes with caffeine. i ended u...

by Crabitha, Aug 27, 2010 - 2 Comments
I guess if you're addicted to alcohol or heroin or something as serious as that, my pe...

by elwoodsf, Feb 02, 2009 - 2 Comments
I never dreamed I'd make it this far in such good shape. Wow. I had the nicotine heada...

by lesliebenjamin, Jun 18, 2008 - 3 Comments
I hate that I smoke...but I don't hate smoking....I love it. It comforts me. Stress i...
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