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Journals about overdose

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by BriStar52, Mar 17, 2013
I took 2 Excedrin (which has 250mg of Acetaminophen and 250mg of Asprin in each pill), 2 Ny...
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by dontcareanymore, Nov 08, 2010
Well it is another monday and the hubby is pulling a 10 hour day, which don't get me wr...
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by pinka09, Dec 10, 2009
Friend of mine, died in october of drug overdose. From vicodin ,anti-depressants and alcoho...
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by Krisiness, Nov 02, 2009
I guess I didn't sleep well? Well actually I should fill out yesterday's journal be...
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by NickyChickyBoom, Jul 06, 2009 - 1 Comment
Cortisol Urine Test Results: TEST RESULT LI...
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by sarahosweat, May 15, 2009
Just about a month ago, I was arrested in Remember When restraunt. This girl that worked th...
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by fmin, Mar 09, 2009
Friends, Location: UK As part of pregnancy first trimester medication, I was prescribed ...