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Journals about palpitations

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by Seliks, Jan 12, 2014
Ok, first time trying a journal. So far today has been fairly relaxed, I think I'm resp...
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by HarleyGem, Aug 07, 2013
As of Sept.2012 my life has been turned upside down. And it truly *****. It stated off with...
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by Christine000, Apr 08, 2013
This day I had a very large palpitation and I was just DONE with this. I resolved to fight...
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by alleybow, Jan 05, 2013
I've noticed that, the week or two prior to my rare menstrual cycles, I have heart palp...
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by camsmommy727, Jun 20, 2012 - 1 Comment
So, recently, I've been having some trouble sleeping. It's like I'm afraid to f...
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by md135, Mar 05, 2012
Hello All, I'm just on a little visit back, not sure if im coming back for good but ...
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by merileegal, Apr 09, 2011
I'm exploring krill oil. Thought maybe it was what was causing heart palps. I only too...
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by brigadiva, Jun 21, 2010
...if I could just have some normalcy during my pregnancies? I have been having palpitatio...
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by jp1092, May 29, 2010
The heart palpitations are better, but still there. Feels like they are in the lower par...
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by jp1092, May 22, 2010
It is getting increasing more difficult just to make the minimal effort that it takes to ...